Be polar  

Kulturisten - Nesoddtangen - Norway - 2019

In recent years, I have explored two very different ways of painting. I have moved between a geometric meditative expression and a spontaneous performative expression. In the project "Be polar", I let the two expressions meet in one and the same exhibition room. 

Some of the paintings are inspired by architecture. The pictures show labyrinth rooms created with a playful approach. Through optical illusions and perspective games, I create opportunities for the viewer to enter and participate in a continuous reconstruction of the image, depending on the position of the spectator and movements in the exhibition space.


Another part of the paintings is inspired by Zen calligraphy. In these works, the spontaneous and powerful movements of the body are transferred to the groove of the brush. The canvas is transformed into an area where energies meet without mutual expectations. Where only black and white play a raw game with each other, and creates vivid images full of energy.


For me, it is exciting to show these works at the same time in the same room. I believe that such a solution can create an unexpected dialogue between the images. 

© Pere Galeracreado en Bluekea